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If you are searching for an area in Southern Moravia flowing with abundant music and song, you shouldn't overlook the city of Lanžhot the community of the well known region of Podluží. This region is richly endowed with good music, singers, musicians and composers.

Rarely does one find so many talented and excellent musicians in one area.  We are happy to site a few of our favorite sons : Metoděj Prajka, whose polkas, waltzes and folk music is known throughout all of Europe. He was a modest person, trained as a cobbler, who was able to create untold beautiful music.  What fan of brass music doesn't know his polkas : Lojza, Soutěžní, Lenivá, as well as many others ?  All of the finest Moravian bands play his songs and they are in the repertoires of foreign orchestras as well. We are thrilled to attest that the closest faithfulness to his music is performed by the Lanžhotčanka Brass Band.

The Lanžhotčanka Brass Band began in 1976, and continues to represent one of the finest examples of music from this area of Moravia. It is difficult to imagine a folk celebration between the cities of Breclav and Hodonin without them.  They are an integral part of our country's broadcasts on radio and television.

After 1989 our band was honored and thrilled to perform in Austria, Germany, France, Denmark, Hungary, Switzerland Holland, Canada, and the United States.



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